Surrogacy: pros and cons

Surrogacy: pros and cons

Surrogacy is the only reproductive technology that allows conceiving and carrying a child even in the most complicated cases: for example, when the mother’s uterus is completely removed.

Very simply, the procedure is as follows: under artificial conditions, the father’s sperm is implanted into the mother’s ovum. The resulting embryo is then implanted into the body of the surrogate donor mother. Thus, the genetically born child will be completely “yours”.

The donor mothers are young women under 25 years of age, who have already had one successful pregnancy and no unhealthy habits. Prior to the embryo implantation, they undergo a comprehensive diagnostic procedure covering not only the reproductive system, but also the health of the organism. Then the donor mother and the genetic parents of the future child meet. Only afterwards, the embryo is implanted into the surrogate mother. A number of specialists, from immunologists and gynecologists to specialists in endocrinology and neonatology, take care of the further pregnancy.

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For many couples, surrogacy is the only way to have a child. It is also important to understand that in the overwhelming majority of cases surrogacy gives excellent results: children are born healthy and on time.

Cons of Surrogacy

Opponents of this technique mainly criticize surrogacy from ethical and moral standpoints (since there are no actual scientific and medical objections to it).

For example, many (but not all) representatives of Christian confessions believe that this technique falls under the definition of “adultery” and is an interference with a higher purpose.

Feminist and social criticism of surrogacy is somewhat more valid. For example, feminists argue that this procedure turns a surrogate mother, a person with her own identity, into a living incubator. However, surrogacy is always voluntary and, moreover, well-paid. Thus, the cost of surrogacy in Ukraine is not very high compared to other countries.

A more serious objection is the statement about the absence of deep psychological bonds between the child and its genetic mother, which are formed yet in the period of pregnancy. But if this child is desirable, the problem is unlikely to come to the fore – the proof is the numerous cases of successful surrogacy practices.

Pros of surrogacy

The most important and undeniable advantage of surrogacy is that it is the only chance for couples who have infertility to have a biological child.

Although there are still those who criticize this process, but you should remember that it is only for you to decide whether you should be happy or not.

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