Are You Moving from Canada to the USA?

Are You Moving from Canada to the USA?

Canadians are drawn to the United States not just for its magnificent resorts and well-known cities, but also as a place to reside. When people are looking for more lucrative opportunities, economic factors account for the majority of migration from Canada to the USA.

More advantageous real estate prices are an additional justification. According to studies, more and more highly skilled Canadians are migrating to the United States to find employment.

60% of all Canadian emigrants live in the United States, according to data from the Migration Policy Institute.

Miracle Movers have years of success in cross-border moving services from Canada to USA and from the USA to Canada. They can manage any demanding and challenging moves with skill, effectiveness, and ease. 

They are also knowledgeable about the customs procedure and will assist you in completing all necessary paperwork to make the customs clearance process simple and straightforward.

Your personal belongings and household items can cross the border into the US duty-free if you have had them for at least a year and utilized them yourself.

For antiques to be eligible for duty-free entry, they must be at least 100 years old. As evidence of antiquity, Customs will demand copies of the invoice or an appraisal.

Used personal items are not often subject to duty, however some specific items, you’re your car, may be. For specific information, contact the nearby U.S. Customs office or consulate in your area.


You must provide confirmation of rabies vaccinations for dogs and cats older than three months, as well as a certificate from the veterinarian certifying that the animal(s) are healthy. Animals like birds and others might need to be quarantined for a while.


Alcohol cannot be transported on the moving van along with your possessions. However, they can arrange for your collection to be sent by air or another manner using a third party. 

State taxes are charged on wine and liquor collections, and the rates vary from state to state. For detailed information, get in touch with your state’s alcohol control agency.

Border control

When you consider any local moving, there is one difference when moving from Canada to the United States. It is border security.

There are more than 100 border crossings between Canada and the United States, some of which are open around the clock. Depending on the province you are coming from and your route, you may pass the border through various US cities.

As you can expect, waiting times may vary depending on the crossing site.

Moving restrictions

You should be aware that some things are prohibited from crossing the US/Canada border. Since the laws are always changing, we advise visiting official websites before your move.

It could be necessary to obtain a special permit if you own cultural items like antique furniture or artwork. Although you are allowed to carry a limited amount of recreational marijuana within Canada, you cannot bring it outside of Canada.

Due to stringent laws, it could be very challenging to bring firearms into the US.

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