Simple Dos & Don’ts Interior Design Tips for Beginners

Simple Dos & Don’ts Interior Design Tips for Beginners

A best-decorated house always gives the most beautiful and positive vibes right from the entrance. This is the reason nowadays people are paying more attention to the interior design of their houses. But not everyone can be an interior designer and you must acquire some special skill sets to be one. Many people think that they can decorate the house on their own but once the work is completed, they get upset about spending too much money and still not getting that level of satisfaction that an interior designer can provide to them. 

But if you want to decorate your house of your own, here are some simple dos and don’ts suggested by the interior designers that can help you decorate your dream home more efficiently.

  • Furniture Placement

The placement of furniture plays a very important role in the decoration of the house. Do not push all the furniture against the wall of the house. To make the room more interesting, keep some breathing space between the furniture. To do so, keep some space between the wall and the furniture and let the air passes between them. 

  • Wall Color

Many people make the mistake of picking the color of the walls first before finalizing the furniture. Do not pick the wall color first as this should be the last decision after finalizing the complete interior of the house. According to the interior designers, it is smart to select the furniture and other decorative items first before choosing the paint of the house. If you do this, you will have all the rainbow colors available to choose from for your walls. You can select the best option that goes with all the other things in the room. 

  • Mixing Too Many Colors

Mixing too many colors in a room is always a bad option. It is not necessary to add all the rainbow colors in the same room as it will look too clumsy. Try to keep things as simple as you can. There is no such rule that all the rooms must be painted with different colors. You can paint your complete house with a single color as well that also looks too vibrant. To keep things simpler, always focus on three main colors throughout the house. 

  • Lighting of the Room

Do work on the lighting of the house smartly. As you have some knowledge of interior design, you must know by now how keeping the right lighting in the room can do magic to the décor. Use different layers of lighting in a room and do no scared of using your creativity. Choose different designs that fit the interior and suit your budget. 

  • Textures 

Using textures in the house smartly can add more beauty to the home décor. Do use textures of different dimensions in the room and make it look more interesting. You can use rugs, art pieces, cushions, or an interesting coffee table to add texture to the house. Use your creativity to make it look more comfortable for everyone. 

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