Different Types of Shutters For Your Home

Different Types of Shutters For Your Home

Exterior shutters come in many styles, but which shutter style is right for your home? Well, it’s a good idea to consider your home’s architecture. This will give you some direction in selecting shutters for your home. For instance, a Colonial home’s traditional shutter style is different than farmhouse shutters.

Now, you may find that you prefer a different shutter than the usual style for your home. That’s okay! Whether or not you want to install the traditional shutter pairing for your house style, there are plenty of ways to personalize your shutters. Concerned that using the “typical” shutter will box you in? Consider color, custom options, and even cutout designs to make it your own. Ultimately, your choice should be the something you love. But first, let’s cover the basic exterior shutter styles available from these property experts.

Shutter Styles

“Whether you prefer a classic look or rustic charm, there is a broad variety of shutter styles to choose from. And creating the perfect look doesn’t end there! Every style can be customized to reflect your taste. There are five basic styles: Panel, Louver, Board & Batten, Bermuda, and Mission Style.” – Tip by Erika Rogers, St. George Real Estate Professional

Panel Shutters

“Nothing says tradition like a well-crafted panel shutter. A time-tested classic, the panel shutter remains popular to this day. The panel design may be a raised panel, flat panel, or recessed panel, which looks a lot like a raised panel, especially at a distance. Due to their insulative properties, panel shutters are common with house styles that were built in colder climates when shutters were always functional and used to cover windows.” – Livingston NJ Realtors® Miggins Real Estate

Louver Shutters

“Louver shutters are a popular choice in American architecture. Louvers are the little slats that can open and close in operable louver shutters, or remain at a fixed angle in fixed louver shutters. This style also can be configured into sections like a panel shutter. Louver shutters are a popular choice for homes in more temperate and warmer climates as they can provide ventilation and, if operable, can close to keep out cold, sun, and rain.” – Pilchuck Heating

Board & Batten

“Board and batten shutters are a more primitive design that likely originated in the countryside, farther from the artisans who made panel and louver shutters. Their simple design was easy for those who had to build shutters themselves: just a row of planks (boards) aligned lengthwise and connector planks (battens) running horizontally at the top and bottom. As a result of their humble beginnings, board and batten shutters look right at home on farmhouses and cottages – though they fit many other styles, as well.” – Commercial Tampa Real Estate Expert Pam Pester

Mission Style

Mission Style shutters are the go-to shutter style for Craftsman Style homes. These emphasize the geometric simplicity and clean lines often associated with the classic Arts & Crafts movement. Due to their varied designs, there aren’t many unifying features, other than the emphasis on physical, geometric design. These designs are generally achieved with layered wood cut to shape and overlaid on another board of wood

Now that we’ve covered different shutter styles for each house style, you can begin to imagine what would go best in your dream home.


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