Different Types Of Astrology You Never Knew About

Different Types Of Astrology You Never Knew About

Astrology charts can be interpreted in various ways, from natal chart compatibility to the ancient Hindu astrological techniques. Our selection of the most prominent astrological methods and their explanations will help you understand your birth chart and interpret it correctly. On top of all that, if you’re interested to talk to astrologer in a particular field of study, you’ll feel more connected to the universe.

Different Types Of Astrology

  • Love Astrology

If you wonder how planets have a link from my chart to my partner’s chart in my astrology, you may consult a synastry chart. Creating a composite chart, which combines both the individual charts into one, is another approach to relationship astrology. While looking at a composite chart, remember that the ascendant and the planets are all you’re looking at—no other houses are included.

Regarding relationship astrology, the most common fallacy is that you don’t need to go outside your chart to figure out what’s going on in your love life. Interpersonal interactions are the focus of live astrology because of the importance placed on projecting one’s self outwards. To put it another way, it’s the energy we give out and the things we attract.

  • Vedic Astrology

Known as Vedic or Hindu astrology, this ancient type of Indian astrology dates back a long time to antiquity in the country of India’s birth. To predict the success of weddings, companies, and other aspects of daily life, modern Vedic astrology is widely employed in India. There are twelve zodiac signs in this system of divination, much like in western astrology. Unlike western astrology, the Jyotia method uses constellations to calibrate its predictions.

  • Natal Astrology

Using one’s birth chart as a guide to the universe, one can find all the answers to one’s path and ambitions. In addition, natal astrology may provide light on a person’s innermost desires and anxieties. A person’s goals, dreams, and anxieties may be accessed through their natal birth chart, revealing how they materialized in previous lifetimes.

When you talk to astrologer, they will construct a chart based on your birth date, including natal features and progressions, to examine the timing and events occurring in your life and determine the ideal time to begin work or execute goals.

  • Medical Astrology

This style of astrology is among the most difficult to master. Charting one’s “sick bed” or the moment one begins to feel better is essential when one is unwell. The time and date of the incident should be recorded so that an astrologer may look at it and make a chart to establish the patient’s prognosis and how, when, and why they will improve.

It was possible to learn about illnesses using medical astrology by looking at the positions of the planets, signs, and houses in the birth chart. However, it can also indicate which regions of the body are more susceptible to sickness or sensitivity.

  • Horary Astrology

We need to dig deeper than a simple horoscope reading can provide to gather all the information we need. Astrologers use this ancient divination technique to answer their clients’ questions by casting a projected chart in response to their queries.

Based on the astrologer’s location and the date and time of the inquiry, the astrological chart is drawn up. The astrologer will help you see the appropriate way, so avoid asking “yes or no” questions. As the natural receiver and supplier of information, the moon plays a crucial part in horary while attempting to answer a question.

  • Electional Astrology

The optimal time to start an activity, a date, or a job application has never been easier to locate. For those people, ejections in astrology is a great option. The moon is also used in electoral astrology to gauge insights. However, the primary focus is on what the ascendant is doing at the moment one chooses to begin a project or activity, as opposed to the sun or the horizon.

To have a favorable outcome, the moon must be in the first house—and not vacant, of course. According to this chart, the ascendant gives off a pleasant mood when it lines up with the moon.

  • Uranian Astrology

To get one to take action in all aspects of their lives, this type of astrology employs the midpoints of the planets. A midpoint tree, or doing the work by hand, is the only way to discover your midpoints. The next step is to look at the midpoints in the tree and determine whether any transits are influencing them.

As a form of relationship astrology, this approach is particularly valuable in providing detailed information about how we connect with others energetically and how we feel about them.


For millennia, people have relied on a variety of astrological methods to help them with anything from picking the right date for their wedding to tracking down a missing pet. Astrology isn’t just a personality test; it’s much more complex than that. We really hope that this blog provides a fresh perspective on astrology.

Caroline Frazier

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