Astrology Tips for a Better Careern

Astrology Tips for a Better Careern

Having a successful career or a good job is a great necessity in today’s time. This helps us in living a blissful and sustainable life. However, there are moments when we often face failures even after putting in so much effort. Thus, it becomes difficult for you to get the job you desire owing to the growing competition in the market. One of the reasons for your failures can be the malefic planets in your natal chart becoming weak or being positioned wrongly. However, there are certain astrologer tips that one can use to improve their career and increase their chances of success. Let us learn in-depth about all these marvellous tips in this write-up.

Astrology Tips That Can Prove To Be Beneficial For Your Career

  •         Chanting Gayatri Mantra and Maha Mritunjaya Mantra

One must chant the Gayatri Mantra and Maha Mritunjaya Matra a minimum of 31 times daily. This can help you greatly if you seek a suitable career break.

  •         Offer boiled rice to crows

This is among the simplest remedies in astrology. By offering boiled rice to crows, you can ease the ill effect of Shani (Saturn). As per Vedic Astrology, Shani signifies the ruling influence on job and career.

  •         Go to the Lord Hanuman temple and chant Hanuman Chalisa

It would be beneficial to visit the Hanuman temple and chant Hanuman Chalisa daily if you are struggling with your career. The everyday challenges and obstacles will all be resolved if you start praying to the Lord Hanuman.

  •         Chant Ganpatiji Beej Mantra

Also called Vighna Vinashaka, Ganpatiji Beej Mantra is a great mantra that one can recite. This will help sort out the regular postponements and hurdles in getting work. Not only this, it will even aid in making your professional life steady. You can also chant the “Om Gan Ganpatye Namaha” mantra, if you don’t know the Lord Ganesha’s Beej Mantra.


  •         Get some wood coal

If you are facing trouble with business agreements, then they can get some dried wood coal and flow it for about 43 days in a dirty lake or river. This is another beneficial tip that can aid in getting rid of unnecessary hindrances and setbacks.

  •         Donate without expecting anything in return

Make a pure donation, which is to donate something and not expect anything in return. In reality, the debts of karma can be reimbursed by kindly and purposely donating to the needy.

  •         Offer cereals and water to birds

You must feed birds seven different kinds of cereals (like kale chane, wheat, moong dal, bajra, urad, rice, and barley). This astrological remedy can help in dealing with all your troubles associated with your professional life, says a reputable astrologer.

  •         Donate almonds to the needy and poor

Consider offering almonds from time to time to the poor. Make sure you do this mainly on Sundays. The results you will get from this remedy would be favorable; it can get you much-needed success.

  •         Offer wheat balls

For promotion or increment in a job, you must offer wheat balls to fish, especially on Mondays and Wednesdays.

Career Horoscope

A career horoscope lets you decide on a profession that will be the most beneficial one. You can get the best career prediction and guidance from a renowned astrologer. They can provide the most accurate reading on various careers, such as a career as a doctor, an engineer, or a business person.

Career Houses

  •         11th House for the source of gains
  •         2nd House for the source of income
  •         10th House for the nature of the job
  •         7th House for partnership

House That Is Significant For Career

The 10th House, 6th House, 7th House, 9th House, 2nd House, and 11th House in one’s horoscope are all associated with a career. One must be wary of every ill effect of different planetary bodies on all these houses.

Planet Liable for Careers

In career, out of all the other houses, the 10th House plays a vital part. The lord of the 10th House, as well as the impact of the planetary bodies in the same House, is liable for one’s career. It will be a great help if one reads the effects of this House on them.

Planets Specifying Certain Professions

Mercury: Publisher, engineers, accountants, scientists, journalists, bankers, and writers

Venus: Architects, fashion designers, artists, automobile owners, and creative workers

Mars: Police and military officials

Sun: Administrative jobs

Moon: Public service

Saturn: Laborious work

Jupiter: Astrologers, lawyers, and spiritual activists

Rahu-Ketu: Day-to-day jobs

Summing Up

For an astrologer, predicting someone’s career is the hardest task. An astrologer will occasionally research several additional factors before concluding. If you are facing issues in your professional life or are confused about your career, you must head to the most trusted astrology expert. There are also free online live sessions available.





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