Compare The Best Travel Insurance In Singapore

Compare The Best Travel Insurance In Singapore

With the end of the pandemic, people have started travelling to their favourite destinations again. It gives them the freedom to explore new places like Singapore and enjoy its weather and climate. But with travelling, some unexpected situations come, like trip cancellation, lost baggage, detected with COVID, etc. In such a situation, having a cheap travel insurance Singapore is a way to enjoy travelling.            

Visitors who are planning to visit Singapore and looking for insurance coverage can check out the options in this article. Not every insurance policy will be according to your choice. You have to be a little careful in picking the best insurance SingaporeThe options are:

Best Travel Insurance in Singapore

HL Assurance Plan

This travel insurance plan is perfect for visitors planning to travel abroad for some time. It has a Single Trip Travel Insurance Promotion which offers a 40% discount. The HL Assurance plan protects you from trip cancellation and overseas medical expenses because of Covid-19. However, it is now available with NCD (No Claim Discount). The Annual Unlimited Plan comes with a No Claim Discount, 50% refund, and 10% discount. This scheme is suitable for you while travelling twice a year, and it offers additional perks at $0.63/day. The benefits that you can enjoy in these packages are the Covid-19 coverage, Covid-19 medical concierge, Covid-19 quarantine allowance; stay protected from travel inconvenience, and greater flexible coverage.

AIG Travel Guard Insurance 

The AIG Travel Guard Insurance has a premium value of $158 and medical expenses of $100,000. The overseas quarantine allowance stands at $700 total cap and $50 each night because of COVID-19. The trip cancellation amount under AIG Travel Guard Insurance stands at $2,500. This insurance scheme will come to your rescue if you are detected with the virus while travelling abroad. You have the flexibility of cancelling or postponing your trip.

Covid-19 Coverage With FWD Travel Insurance 

FWD Travel Insurance provides some affordable insurance plans for travellers in Singapore. The budget-friendly options will be helpful when buyers need to spend any amount on the pre and post-travel tests like ART and PCR. The premium with Covid-19 coverage stands at $67 and includes medical expenses because Covid-19 coverage is $100,000. Because of COVID-19, the overseas hospital cash is $2,800 total cap and $200 per day. For trip cancellation, insurers get around $1,000. The benefits included in this package are hospital cash while staying in Singapore, trip disruption, loss of deposit, emergency medical repatriation, and evacuation.

AXA SmartTraveler Travel Insurance 

The AXA SmartTraveler Travel insurance coverage includes trip rearrangement or curtailment losses, overseas quarantine allowance, pre-departure trip cancellation, postponement, overseas hospitalization allowance, emergency medical repatriation, evacuation, and medical expenses. Within 90 days of travelling, you can claim all costs. An overseas quarantine allowance is a special perk that you can get if you rake this insurance policy. Users say that this insurance scheme is more flexible than others, so buyers should go for it.

Allianz Travel Insurance 

Allianz Travel Insurance offers this insurance, which includes trip curtailment, trip cancellation, emergency medical evacuation, and overseas medical expenses. The highest coverage under this plan with Covid-19 medical expenses includes $1,000,000. If your trip gets cancelled, you can redeem a remuneration of a maximum amount of $15,000.

NTUC Income Travel Insurance 

This travel insurance coverage includes shortening the length of the trip because of COVID-19, cancelling or postponing, trip disruption, emergency medical evacuation, medical expenses overseas, and sending you back to your place because of the virus. It offers up to $150,000 in overseas medical expenses and $150,000 in repatriation or evacuation expenses.

Sompo Travel (Covid-19) Essential Travel Insurance 

The insurance coverage offered by Sompo comes with a premium value of $201. The medical expense covered under Covid-19 is $100,000, and $700 is the total cap of the overseas hospital cash. The overseas quarantine allowance has a total cap of $700, and trip cancellation is up to $2,000. It offers compensation for postponing or cancellation of your trip. The medical expenses under this scheme can be claimed for up to 45 days. It is a generous scheme for people who keep changing their travel plans. This insurance plan is best for young people who do not have existing health issues.

In The End 

From the above list of travel insurance plans in Singapore, you can choose the best one. Apart from that, you can also learn how do I choose the right car insurance in Singapore and opt for one. For further details, the authorities of the insurance companies are always there for assistance.

Caroline Frazier

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