Essential White Water Rafting Tips from Experts

Essential White Water Rafting Tips from Experts

Just talking about white water rafting gives an adrenaline rush to so many people. It is the most exciting adventure sport that requires immense physical & mental fitness along with techniques. The first trip is always precious and special. But once you have experienced this, you will become a fan of this sport.  During white water rafting, there are certain which are essential to be followed by everyone for their safety. 

Let us check out some essential white water rafting tips from the experts:

Wear Right Clothing

As it is a water trip, there are fewer chances that you will not get soaked in the water. Hence, it is important to wear waterproof and anti-chafing clothes during the rafting. It is always advised to wear synthetic material clothes as they are easy to dry as compared to the cotton ones. You must check the water before choosing the attire. For cold temperatures, swimsuits are preferable. They help protect you from the cold water if you fell into the river. 

Safety Helmet

The rafting is done in the river where the raft floats in heavy streams of water passing through various rocks. Hence, safety is the priority while performing this sport. Along with other protective gear, a helmet plays a very vital role. If you fall into the river, the helmet protects your head from being struck by any rock, logs, or broken branches. Wearing a helmet minimizes the risk of any kind of injury that you may face while rafting. Try not to fall from the raft.

Avoid Wearing Valuables

There is no point in taking any valuable thing along with you during rafting. You must avoid bringing your mobile, cameras, and jewelry, and should keep them in some safe place back in your vehicle. The heavy tides may blow all your things within seconds and there is no chance of getting them back. Hence, avoid bringing valuable during rafting and only come to enjoy the sport naturally. 

Ensure You are a Swimmer

At any point during the rafting, once you lost your grip, you may fall into the river. Hence, you need to be comfortable with the waters. You don’t need to be a great swimmer, but at least you must know the swimming to survive until the help comes to you. If you are not comfortable with the waters, you may get panic in such a dangerous situation. You will be provided with a safety jacket that will keep you above the water and will not let you drain in it. But to reach the shore, you need to put some swimming efforts with our experts.

Keep Check on Your Life Jacket

A lifejacket is another important accessory along with the helmet. You must keep a check on it so that it should be worn properly. Keep fastening your life jackets even when you are going through the calm waters. It is the only thing that is going to save you if you fell into the water. It will keep you above the water during white water rafting and help you in reaching towards the raft. Visit Empower Camp.


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