An Ultimate Guide to Maintain Your Air Conditioner

An Ultimate Guide to Maintain Your Air Conditioner

Air conditioning units are the lifeline of any home automation system. They make the home an enjoyable and comfortable place in the hot days of summer and protect the residents from shivering in the cold.

For this reason, the units responsible for cooling or heating systems deserve climate control experts air conditioning services. However, some people are quite confused about the process of maintaining them properly. This article aims to help them with the same. It works as a step-by-step guide to air conditioner maintenance. Keep reading!!

Step -1 – Unplugging the Unit

At first, one needs to unplug the unit for ensuring job safety.

Step- 2- Removing the Filter and Uncover the Unit

After unplugging the unit, one needs to get his/her hands dirty with the main job. It starts with removing the filter to reach the cooling coils. Some models contain the coils under the cover. So, in those cases, one needs to uncover the unit.

Step- 3- Cleaning the Coils

Once the coils are exposed, it’s time to clean them thoroughly. One can get a dedicated coil cleaner for cleaning the coils. They efficiently remove the mould, mildew, dust and debris accumulation from the coils.

However, one needs to be careful enough to spray the cleaner. It should not reach the wirings or control. Otherwise, it can cause severe consequences like a short circuit and more.

Step – 3- Cleaning the Filters

Once done with the coil cleaning, one should now focus on cleaning the filters. To clean the filters, the use of plain water is recommended. It’s more comfortable as well as cost-effective. In case the filter is producing a foul smell, one can soak and wash them with aromatic dish soap and detergents.

Step -3- Setting the Cover Back to the Place

Once done with the filter cleaning, it’s the time to set the unit’s cover back to its place. After that, one should leave the unit for 20-40 minutes and then switch it on.

After setting it to the cool and adjusting the thermostat to the coldest, it’s time to monitor if the unit is able to produce cooling or not. Apart from cooling, the unit’s condenser will rinse off the foams and dirt from the coils. The foams will be collected to the drip pan, and later, they will be drained outside.

If the process doesn’t produce any satisfactory result at the very first time, one should make sure that the process is repeated once more.

Step-4- Disconnecting the Unit from the Power Outlet Once More for Performing Further Checks

Now all one needs to do is to check the other vital units of the machine, including the condenser and more. If everything looks okay, one can enjoy cooling throughout the year.

If the job looks too daunting to the readers, one can freely leave it on the experts. Calling an expert electrician can help in getting the job done effortlessly.

The readers of this post, who don’t find DIY an enjoyable task, are suggested to get in touch with the best electrical servicing agency near them at the earliest. This will help their air conditioning units work optimally for a more extended period. Visit our website to know more about our services and how our professionals can help you.

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