Things you should know about desert dune buggies in Dubai?

Things you should know about desert dune buggies in Dubai?

What is Desert Dune Buggy?

If you want to explore more about the stunning desert view in Dubai you should go for a dune buggy ride. In contrast to dune bashing in 4×4 vehicles that are driven by dedicated drivers. Dune buggy rides are tiny, light automobiles with large low-pressure tires that can be used to ride on sands and they are totally safe for beginner drivers. 

To drive this you don’t need any driving experience the choice rest on you on how quick and exciting you want to create it. You can choose to ride on single buggies or ride along with a friend in double-seated buggies. It’s the difficult terrain as well as the breathtaking panoramas of the countryside that make this thrilling activity an absolute thrill. 

What’s so interesting about desert Dune rides in Dubai?

  • The breathtaking landscapes of the desert:

The special adventure lets you take on the desert terrain at your own speed. Begin by following your group of buggy riders and your instructor as he will guide you through how to navigate through the desert and the best places you should go. 

  • It’s your first experience:

You don’t need to be an expert in driving a dune buggy. If you’re complying with your instructor’s safety rules then you’re good to go on your thrilling adventure. There is no need to be extra conscious about things. 

  1. It’s Secure: Dune buggy riding is conducted with consideration for your comfort Before you can begin the ride, you’ll be instructed for a short time in how to use the dune buggy and briefed about the route. The guide will also supply you with various safety gear, such as eye-googles and helmets. 

What are the best locations for Desert Dune Buggies?

Al Faya Desert: If you are looking for bigger sand dunes. Al Faya Desert is the perfect dessert for adventure. It is located on the Sharjahthe Kalba (E55) highway and is a 50-minute drive away from Dubai and is tucked away from the hustle and bustle of the city. 

Al Badayer/The Big Red: The deep red color of this dune is where it gets its name. It is located 45 minutes away from Dubai along with the Hatta/Oman (E44) Highway. This spot is a favorite for all desert activities as well as for some stunning activities. 

Fossil & Camel Rock: A place that is not just popular with dunes riders, but also among the photographers’ thanks to the rock formations that are rugged. These rock formations include marine fossils that date back millennia ago and a rock formation that appears to be one of the camels that are buried in the sand. The location is about a 50-minute journey from Dubai towards the road between Sharjah and Kalba. 

Best Place to Book a Dune Buggy Experience in Dubai

Desert Dune buggy riding is a fun and safe option to ride the trails that are natural to the desert landscape. When you’re willing to take on this exciting adventure all you have to do is search for the best Dune buggy tour that you can book. 

Pick a tour that is suitable for your interests and preferred timing. Although the majority of Dubai Desert tours operate in the day, the possibility to take a ride in the evening is also offered on some tours. 

Another aspect you need to think about when making a booking is the length of excursions. The longer the duration is, the greater chance you will have to explore the desert and get a better view of this beautiful natural landscape. 

The majority of buggy rental companies offer the pickup and drop-off option from your home or point of residence. A few even provide a full package including a BBQ meal and live entertainment. There are several choices to take a look over, which are conveniently booked through Arabian Adventures

What to wear for a desert dune buggy ride?

To protect your skin from the scorching sun as well as the sandy beaches, you are recommended to wear t-shirts with long sleeves. You may want to put on an outer jacket based on the weather if you want to stay late into the night then you should bring it with you otherwise it all depends on your choice. 

Close-toed shoes are the best option and are the most comfortable when riding dune buggies. It is possible for sand to make its way into your hair so the right scarf or hat is a great option to avoid such a situation occurring. 

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