How to Manifest Whatever TF You Want With Candle Magic

How to Manifest Whatever TF You Want With Candle Magic

If you’re just starting to explore magick, you’ve gotta ~let it burn~. Candles are a staple item in any magickal tool kit. They’re used to amplify and release energy, and they can either be left (unlit) around your pad to promote positive vibes or used (lit) in rituals and spells. (Don’t burn down your apartment, kthx.) Here’s everything you need to know before you light your candle:

What is candle magic?

Candle magick is an ancient form of manifesting, wish fulfillment, and empowering your intentions to make them a reality and bring focus to your goals. Fire has been an ever-present force in human history from prehistory onwards, across all cultures and continents. The act of lighting a candle, investing the candle with a wish, and seeing its flame burn as you feel that wish being released to the universe is a very simple kind of spell. We have probably all blown out the candles on a birthday cake at some point in our childhood and made a wish. That was candle magic!

Fire changes everything it interacts with, whether it’s turning a love letter into ashes or making water boil for mac and cheese. This transformational energy is what you’re channeling in candle magick, encouraging and accelerating changes in your life.

The act of burning serves as a bridge between the physical and spiritual realms, while the use of different candle colors introduces the concept of color magic. Each color carries distinct types of energy, which practitioners aim to access through burning candles of specific hues. It’s worth noting that while burning candles is a straightforward method to tap into a color’s energy, it’s not the sole approach. One can also incorporate certain colors into their attire or decorate their living space with various shades to harness their energetic properties.

What do I need to perform candle magic?

To perform candle magic, you’ll need a candle (white is suitable, but you can customize the color using color magic to align with your desire) and some oil (almond, coconut, or jojoba are all effective choices). You don’t have to identify as a witch, psychic, or hold specific beliefs. This practice revolves around utilizing ritual to concentrate your thoughts and aspirations. The tools themselves are secondary to the intention of dedicating time to contemplate your wishes and objectives.

Candle color meanings, explained


White serves as an excellent “default candle” when resources are limited. In color magic, it fosters serenity, peace, personal strength, and insight, leaving you feeling clear-headed and resolute about your goals.


Black serves as a protective force in color magic, acting as a shield for psychic protection. Whether in the form of crystals, clothing, or candles, black serves as your personal cosmic bodyguard.


Green embodies growth, luck, fertility, vitality, and creativity. It aligns with nature’s essence, facilitating innovation, expansion, and the manifestation of ideas into reality. Additionally, it amplifies prosperity, making it ideal for money manifestation.


Blue promotes harmony, peace, understanding, empathy, and wisdom. It offers a soothing, calming influence, particularly beneficial during times of conflict or stress, while also aiding in emotional healing and chakra alignment.

Light Blue

Light blue candles focus on understanding and accepting truth, fostering clarity and communication.

Dark Blue

Dark blue candles are associated with intuition, psychic abilities, and spiritual endeavors.


Indigo candles are linked to intuition, psychic abilities, spiritual awareness, and wisdom.


Yellow is associated with networking, social skills, and career opportunities, serving as a beacon for new possibilities.

The colors for each day of the week

In addition to their unique qualities and purposes, different candle colors are associated with specific days of the week. Performing your ritual on the corresponding day can heighten the energy and effectiveness of your efforts. For instance, if you’re seeking passion with a red candle, consider conducting your ritual on a Tuesday.

  • Sunday: Gold and orange
  • Monday: Silver, white, and gray
  • Tuesday: Red, brown, and autumn shades
  • Wednesday: Yellow and gray
  • Thursday: Purple and deep blue
  • Friday: Light blue, green, pink, and copper hues
  • Saturday: Maroon, dark shades, and black

Combining colors in candle magic

You have the option to focus on a single candle or get creative by combining different colors to address a more intricate intention or desire. For instance, if you’re aiming to manifest a role that offers both material reward (yellow) and spiritual growth (purple), you could burn both a yellow and purple candle.

Alternatively, if you’re seeking to heal from an argument with your partner (blue) while also restoring romance and connection in your relationship (pink), you might choose to burn both a blue and a pink candle.

How to Do Candle Magic

Step 1: What are you trying to manifest?

Clearly outline what you aim to attract into your life. Be specific, realistic, positive, and compassionate. (Avoid wishing harm upon others, regardless of the situation. Let karma handle it.) Condense your intention into a single sentence, such as, “I am seeking a job that offers higher pay and ignites my passion.”

Step 2: Craft your spell.

A simple candle magic spell involves visualizing your goal, uttering a sentence, and igniting the candle to release the energy. It’s as straightforward as that.

Step 3: Select your candle.

Choose the candle’s color thoughtfully, opting for one that aligns with the essence of your objective, like yellow for job-seeking endeavors. You might also consider surrounding your candle with relevant crystals, herbs, or flowers to enhance the desired energies.

Step 4: Choose your timing.

For added potency, consult astrological placements to synchronize your ritual with celestial energies. For matters of love, wait for Venus to enter Libra. If you’re seeking new opportunities, consider aligning with the New Moon. Avoid Mercury Retrograde unless you’re feeling adventurous with the outcome of your spell.

Step 5: Ignite the candle.

Now, it’s time to embark on your magical journey. Take several deep breaths, releasing any tension, and allow your worries or thoughts to dissipate. Clear your mind completely.

Next, visualize your desired outcome as if it has already come to fruition. Envision how you would feel and what your life would look like with this manifestation. Once you have a vivid mental image, repeat your chant, song, poem, or verbalize your intention aloud. When you feel saturated with the energy and positive vibes of your goal, light the candle.

Focus on the aura of the candle (the light surrounding the flame), visualizing it expanding gradually until it fills the room. Then, imagine it extending beyond the confines of the room, reaching out into the universe like a beacon, broadcasting your intention. Maintain this visualization for as long as you can.

When you sense your energy diminishing or distractions arise, extinguish the candle, marking the completion of your ritual.

Step 6: Interpret the flame

As your candle burns, closely observe the movement and behavior of the flame during your ritual, as it can convey symbolic meaning. Here are some interpretations:

  • A blue flame: Indicates the presence of a spirit.
  • A tall, strong flame: Suggests that the spell will be highly effective.
  • A flickering flame: May signify the influence of strong emotions or the presence of spirits.
  • A sputtering or popping flame: Could indicate tension or conflicting energies hindering the manifestation.
  • A slow or weak flame: Suggests the need for increased focus and intent in your spellwork.
  • A candle that sizzles, pops, or hisses: May indicate attempts at communication from another realm.
  • If something else catches fire or the candle explodes: Signals potential obstacles or interference in your manifestation process.
  • If the candle won’t burn: It’s advisable to start the ritual over.
  • If the flame burns only on one side of the candle: Suggests that the desired outcome may be incomplete or delayed.

Happy spellcasting!


Smith Marcus

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