How long does male Brazilian wax last?

How long does male Brazilian wax last?

Unwanted hair below the belt can be removed with the Brazilian wax technique. With this waxing procedure, you can get rid of hair from your pubic bone, outer genitalia, upper thighs, and anus, if you’d like.

You’ll leave the beauty clinic slick and silky, but regrowth will inevitably start knocking on your door soon after.

How long can you maintain this hairless aesthetic, then? To learn how to get the most time out of your Brazilian wax, we spoke with waxing experts.

Continue reading to learn how long a Brazilian wax really lasts, as well as how to prepare for your first one and receive advice from experts on aftercare.

What is the quick response?

According to certified estheticians, newly waxed clients will detect new growth about two weeks following their initial brazilian waxing.

But before you’re ready for your next wax, you’ll need to grow for roughly 3 to 4 weeks.

In other words, it’s ideal to space out waxing appointments by roughly 5 weeks.

How does hair regrowth differ?

It turns out that your individual hair growth cycle is a rather private matter (go figure).

Why your hair may regrow more quickly or more slowly

Diet. Your hair growth may be influenced by what you consume. Fish, vitamin C, zinc, biotin, niacin, and iron-rich diets have been shown to promote hair development.

Hormones. Healthy hair often results from hormone balance. The rate at which your hair grows may be negatively impacted by a hormonal imbalance.

DNA. Your hair growth may also be influenced by your heredity.

In warmer weather or if they exercise more frequently (and sweat more) than usual, clients may see increased hair growth between treatments.

What if you’ve never had waxing done?

If it’s your first time, we advise customers to arrange the initial two or three appointments every four weeks before switching to maintenance treatments every five to six weeks.

Once regrowth starts to coincide with your waxing routine, it progresses more slowly.

Does routine waxing slow down the development of hair?

Your regrowth is typically impacted by consistency.

You’ll likely notice a difference in the thickness of your hair when it grows back after your initial wax.

How about waxing at home?

Your hair generally continues to grow at the same rate whether it is removed at the root at home or in the beauty clinic.

When waxing at home, it’s possible to burn yourself though.

If you don’t know how to apply and remove the wax correctly, you risk breaking the hair instead of removing it entirely from the follicle. Ingrown hairs may result from this.

Does the use of aftercare matter?

After waxing, it’s normal for your skin to experience some inflammatory reactions, thus aftercare is crucial.

In order to ensure that the hair can grow through the skin when it grows back, we advise  using oils, lotions, or balms to keep the skin hydrated.

We also advise removing any dry skin two weeks following your waxing by using an exfoliating cloth or scrub.

Any waxing procedure carries the risk of ingrown hairs, therefore, keeping the skin hydrated and healthy will help to prevent ingrown hairs.

Keep in mind that picking at ingrown hairs can exacerbate itching and cause scars.

Additional considerations for the future

After your wax, you should wait 48 hours before going outside in the sun.

Since most men don’t try to tan their parts right away after a Brazilian wax, sun exposure is usually not a problem.

Use a decent mineral sunscreen if you do intend to go to the beach at that time.

It’s crucial to pay attention to your skin when engaging in other post-Brazilian activities like sex.

It might be advisable to wait 24 hours if your skin is red or painful. Avoid using perfumed or flavoured lubricants and choose plant-based lubricants like Wyld Skinny Dipping Sex Gel or food-grade coconut oil instead.

Can I extend the wax’s lifespan in any way?

After your wax, we advise using a washcloth in the shower or a soft face scrub on the inner thigh and the mons pubis to keep your skin smooth and healthy as your hair grows back.

Use gentle exfoliating techniques, such as applying little pressure with a washcloth, and stay away from strong exfoliants like chemical ones.

Shaving should be avoided in between appointments.

The benefits of a Brazilian wax

The Brazilian wax is your best option if you like a completely or virtually hairless appearance.

A Brazilian wax normally eliminates all the hair from the groyne area, including the butt crack. However, you can choose to leave a tiny strip of hair at the top, known as a “landing strip,” if you want.

Additionally, when done correctly, waxing itself may be a vigourous sort of exfoliation, which is wonderful for your skin.

Exfoliation actually removes dead skin cells from the epidermis, which encourages the synthesis of collagen and increases the effectiveness of topical therapies.

Can I get a Brazilian wax safely?

Your skin may become more sensitive as a result of hormonal birth control, hormone replacement, and antibiotic use.

Before booking a Brazilian wax if you’re taking them, think about speaking with your doctor.

Additionally, if any of the following apply to you:

  • use retinoids topically
  • use accutane and other acne treatments
  • These drugs chemically exfoliate the skin, lowering its barrier function, which can make waxing more painful.

What can I anticipate from a Brazilian wax?

There is no avoiding it. You’ll feel some discomfort when receiving a wax, especially if it’s your first time.

For a Brazilian wax, either hard or soft wax can be utilised.

A paper or muslin strip can be used to remove soft wax that has been applied lightly.

Hard wax, on the other hand, applies thickly and solidifies on the skin and hair. Then it is swiftly yet gently removed. In general, this kind of wax is less unpleasant.

Arranging your brazilian wax appointment

Before waxing, you’ll need at least half an inch of growth in the bikini area.

A half inch of growth assures that the shortest hairs are truly long enough to be removed.

The best course of action is to reschedule an appointment that falls during your period because your skin is usually more sensitive during this time.

Are you bold enough to give it a try? Instead of using a pad or other free-flowing period supplies, think about using a tampon or reusable cup.

Plan your waxing appointment one to two days before you intend to wear a swimsuit because it is preferable to avoid swimming, direct sun exposure, and exercise for the first several hours.

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