How does the sampling company help in the brand activation strategy?

How does the sampling company help in the brand activation strategy?

Brand activation is events, experiences, and interactions that forge lasting emotional connections between a brand and its target audience under the sampling company.

These activations are usually a specific campaign or event meant to generate brand awareness and interactivity with your audience under free product samples.

While brand activation is a singular event or campaign meant to elevate your brand, it should be distinct from ongoing brand strategy.


We create strategic partnerships between various businesses by re-merchandising and re-marketing outdated or slow-moving stock or providing it as freebies using our white-label sampling procedure.

Brand activation strategy

Before planning different brand activation events, you must understand each campaign’s goal.

Ultimately, you’ll want to increase brand awareness; narrowing your plan, even more will make it measurable and attainable under the sampling company. You can talk to potential customers and sign up users on the spot.

Once you have a list of ideas, goals, and metrics, you should begin your brand activation plan. You should choose one campaign or event to move forward, plan the event’s logistics, and use your brand playbook under the sampling company.

Remember that brand activations can be something other than events but can be sampling campaigns, social media contests, or other digital marketing campaigns under free product samples.

Benefits of brand activations:

  • Make your brand more relevant.
  • Reinforce your company’s position in the market as an established brand under the sampling company.
  • Acquire relevant customer data and opt-ins.
  • Collect consumer feedback in real time as they interact with your brand.

How does the sampling company help in the brand activation strategy?

Define your goals

However, narrowing down your goals will make them more measurable and attainable.

Ultimately, you’ll want to create a brand activation strategy that increases brand awareness under the sampling company.

one main goal or various smaller ones:

  • Increased impressions
  • Customer acquisition
  • User sign-ups
  • Social media engagement
  • Brand recognition
  • Brand virality

Focus on your audience

Every brand activation should start and end with your specific audience under the sampling company.

Audience benefit from your marketing activations? Will you:

  • Surprise them
  • Make their aspirations come true
  • Start a conversation
  • Spark emotion
  • Market to customer desires
  • Help customers create a positive impact

Solve problems

Consider an idea that can address your customer’s issues. It could help build a more positive brand recall, meaning that your customers may remember their experiences with your brand in the future under the sampling company. It could mean:

  • Resolving customer issues
  • Directly addressing customer reservations
  • Proactively communicating sensitive product touchpoints

Take advantage of specific trends.

By relating your brand activations to what’s popular, you’re increasing their potential to reach a larger audience under free product samples. Here’s how:

  • Relate to what’s popular on social media or in pop culture.
  • Use fun, relatable, and relevant hash tags.
  • Grow visibility based on algorithms.

Set yourself apart through differentiation

Brand activation is flawed, and only some things will go according to plan. But all the significant brand activation campaigns out there have this in common: they strive to exceed expectations and provide unique experiences under the sampling company.

Brand activation strategy that:

  • It exceeds expectations.
  • It promotes your brand’s values.
  • It makes a fun way to share your brand’s origin story.
  • It provides unique experiences.

Partner with influencers

For years, influencer marketing has been an effective, watertight strategy for brands looking for that added punch of exposure.

Influencers for a brand creation allow you to:

  • Attract both your brands and the influencer’s target audience.
  • Make the campaign interactive.
  • Demonstrate product features.

Make your experiences shareable.

Make sure people can share and talk about it no matter what brand activation campaign you go for.

Your brand following will shower you with free promotions if you:

  • Make sharing simple or rewarding.
  • Create a giveaway. Get your team involved.

Use technology to your advantage.

Technology is the best tool to help market, rebrand, or introduce a brand.

That in-store experiential brand activation may have been a success among participants, but there’s a larger audience online that should also be catered to under the sampling company.

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