Get the Best Takashi Murakami Prints on Your Soft Cushions

Get the Best Takashi Murakami Prints on Your Soft Cushions

If you love to collect cute and jolly things, then it is best to check the colourful website of Takashi Murakami. There you get all kinds of home collections, like small mugs, cups, jigsaw puzzles, small and big cushions and many more colourful collectables online. So it is up to you what you would love to buy and get these items at the best prices.

What are the best Takashi Murakami products?

Here comes the list of Takashi Murakami products:

  • Takashi Murakami Mug

The beautiful floral mug goes best with your saucer. You can enjoy your tea in the cutest way by pouring your hot tea in the mugs and your favourite biscuits on the saucer. The Takashi Murakami sunflower mug is available at AUD 80.00.

If you want to buy it through the fortnightly payment option at the afterparty, you will get it at AUD 20.00. You can also choose the Zip payment option to pay $10 per week. It is a decorative and usable object that measures up to 8 × 11 CM. It is made up of ceramic material with 100% authenticity.

  • Takashi Murakami 60 CM Rainbow Flower Plush

The plush rainbow flowers are very exciting. It is extra fluffy and soft. You can feel the smoothness when you touch the plush flower cushions. You get it in a brand new condition with a tag. You can purchase the product through Afterpay, Zip pay and Lay-buy.

  • Takashi Murakami 727 Jigsaw Puzzle

It is a unique jigsaw puzzle created by a famous artist named Takashi Murakami (born in 1962). It is available at AUD 290.00. You can also buy this product through afterpay at 4 fortnightly payments of AUD 72.50. You can also go for interest-free payments for AUD 48.00 through Lay-buy. And the last option is Zip pay, where you can pay up to $10 every week.

  • Mr Maria XL Smiley Lamp

This is the soft and spongy doge ball available in the Mr Maria brand. It is an art toy, lamp and a collectable object. If you order the Mr maria smiley lamp product, you get it delivered to your home in a beautiful gift box.

Therefore, if you love the Takashi Murakami prints, you must check the different products on the official website of the Takashi Murakami shop.

Smith Marcus