CoolSculpting®: Top 5 Tips For Before & After

CoolSculpting®: Top 5 Tips For Before & After

This year CoolSculpting was a hot topic with everyone interested in body treatments. It is an advanced procedure used to diminish unwanted fat in specific problem areas of your body. The main benefit of CoolSculpting is that it is pain-free. Of course, there is some minor discomfort during the procedure, but that doesn’t go anywhere near the invasive procedures used in plastic surgery. If you’re planning to have a CoolSculpting treatment, this article is for you. Read on to discover the top 5 tips for before and after CoolSculpting.

#1 Get a massage after CoolSculpting

CoolSculpting isn’t an invasive procedure, but there can be a bit of discomfort. Luckily, with a massage session after the treatment, you can ease any discomfort. And the best part about having a massage after CoolSculpting treatments is that it can improve your results. Firm massaging in a circular motion will help your body break down fat cells!

#2 Don’t ignore your diet

Both before and after CoolSculpting, you should maintain a healthy, nutritious diet. Keeping your body in good health can improve your CoolSculpting results. Boost your intake of fruits and vegetables so that you get plenty of copper, calcium, and iron. Remember that if you aim to enjoy your results for longer, diet is essential. Avoiding specific foods will prevent weight gain and other health problems.

#3 Don’t take anti-inflammatory drugs

CoolSculpting is all about freezing fat cells and allowing the body’s anti-inflammatory response to enable this process. If you take anti-inflammatory drugs, you interfere with your body’s natural response. This can drastically decrease your CoolSculpting results and can even make the treatment inefficient.

#4 Resume your workout routine

A pro tip for before and after CoolSculpting treatments is to follow an exercise routine. If you freeze a significant amount of fat with this treatment, it doesn’t mean your body will do all the job on its own. A workout routine can help you support your CoolSculpting results while allowing you to enjoy them for plenty of time.

#5 Schedule another CoolSculpting treatment

Sometimes after having a CoolSculpting treatment, you’ll notice other areas of your body need some work. And that’s ok! Many experts recommend having a couple of CoolSculpting sessions to balance your look and uniformly remove unwanted fat from key areas of your body!

The bottom line

If you’re struggling to achieve your body goals, CoolSculpting is here to help you. Remember that the before and after care tips for CoolSculpting are vital for your results. So, it might be a good idea to talk with your CoolSculpting technician about what to do to achieve the best results with this treatment!

Corey Gonzales

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