10 different types of shoe racks you can consider for your home

10 different types of shoe racks you can consider for your home

Are you fed up with your unorganized, messy shoes?  Are piles of shoes cluttering up the entryway of your house?  Now, you can keep all your shoes neatly organized without putting in much effort.  There is a wide range of shoe racks in the market to suit every household.  Whether you have a small apartment or a huge house, you will find the best-suited shoe rack online.

People usually get confused because of so many options.  In this article, we’ll discuss the ten most popular shoe rack designs, which will give you a clear idea of what you need for your home.  Most of these racks are affordable, so you do not have to burn a hole in your pocket.

Before going further, there are a few things that you need to understand about purchasing a suitable rack.  They are;

  1. You need to measure the available space in your house.  If you plan to keep the rack in a narrow hallway, you should go for a slim rack.
  2. You must set a budget for your rack.  Shoe stands come at varying prices.  So, always keep the budget in mind.
  3. The next thing is the number of shoes you own.  If you love collecting shoes, you will need a spacious rack.  For people with limited shoes, small cabinets are enough.
  4. The rack must match the vibe of your house.  If your house has a rustic vibe, you should go for wooden racks.

When buying a rack, you should keep these things in mind.

Top 10 types of shoe racks

  • Regular racks

The most popular rack is a traditional Shoe cabinet.  This type of rack is best for keeping shoes of varying sizes from hells to boots.  You can constantly adjust the height of its racks to keep different types of shoes.  To keep the shoes fresh, there are some air holes as well.  A plus to this cabinet is that it looks just like any ordinary cabinet, and you can decorate it with frames and vases.  You can buy such shoe cabinet with doors online.

  • Pull-down racks

A pull-down cabinet is the best option for people with lots of shoes.  It takes up less space and holds more pairs of shoes.  This rack also looks smaller than the traditional shoe cabinets, so you can keep it easily if you have limited space.  The only concerning thing about this rack is you have to assemble it.  So, you should hire a professional for that purpose.

  • Over-door shoe hanger

Over-door is one of the simplest and most useful shoe rack designs.  It can hold many shoes perfectly without any need to assemble them.  It can easily be hung on the door or on the closet rod.  The pockets in such racks protect your shoes from damage.  If you are wondering about this shoe rack price, do not worry! It is very pocket-friendly.

  • Bench rack

Shoe rack benches are handy.  You can keep it near the doorway.  People can sit on the bench, remove their shoes, and keep it inside the cabinet.  The bench is also helpful while wearing shoes, especially with laces.  These benches need to be assembled, but the process is very simple.

  • Under-bed storages

If you do not have any extra space in your house for keeping a rack, you can utilize the space under your bed.  Usually, these racks have wheels so that you can easily slide them under the bed and pull it out.  This type of rack is very lightweight and easily accessible.  You can also use fabric storage for your shoes.  These bags come with plastic covers that keep your shoes safe from dust.

  • Shoe ottoman

The shoe ottoman is not just shoe storage, and it also adds an extra sitting option in your room.  You can use the ottoman to keep your feet while wearing the shoe, and when you open the cover, you see fancy shoe storage.  A shoe ottoman usually costs a little more than other racks, but it is useful and easy to assemble.

  • Wooden shoe rack (DIY)

These racks can be easily constructed.  Just drill some wooden crates together, and your rack is ready.  You can also give the rack a different look by adding some features.  One can also give these racks different shapes.  It will add a rustic and vintage look to your home.  You can also buy a ready-made wooden rack and strategically keep all your shoes inside it.

  • Revolving Shoe stand

Revolving shoe racks look really fancy and modern.  These racks have a tall rod, and some wires rotate around the rod to make racks for shoes.  This unique structure saves space in your closet.  You can hang your boots around the rack but make sure to use soft pads on the hanger.  This is also a good way to display your shoes.

  • Wall-mounted shoe rack

These racks look really fancy, and you can access them easily.  Wall-mounted racks are usually attached to the wall.  In most shoe showrooms, you must have seen these types of racks.  It is the best way to show off your shoe collection.  You can install these racks near the entrance of your house or inside the hallway.  When you keep your shoes in this rack, they become visible.

  • Shoe rack with drawers

These racks are very organized and spacious.  You can keep one pair of shoes in each drawer. Thus all your shoes stay clean and dust-free.  You can pull out any drawer to get your shoe and then close it.  It also saves a lot of space. 


These are some of the best types of racks for keeping your shoes.  Most of these racks can hold more than ten pairs of shoes.  So, no messy shoes will be lying around your house.  To buy shoe rack online, you can visit the best furniture websites.  You will find more racks which can match your house.  You should always be clear on what you need and choose the best rack that meets those requirements.

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